Terms & Conditions

Once the product is ordered, a customer service representative from K&K Gardens will contact you via phone.  Before you are contacted, availability of the item(s) will be confirmed, and postage/handeling will be determined.  Upon being contacted by K&K Gardens, you will have the option to pay by debit/credit card, or send a check for the full payment.  Upon sucessful completion of a payment transaction, the item(s) will be shipped.  Any damages sustained to the product(s) must be reported to K&K Gardens immediately. Upon notification of alleged damage to K&K Gardens, a thourough investigation will be completed, to determine how, and where the damaged ocurred, and the severity of long term implications due to the damage.  K&K Gardens will conclude what, if any form of reimbursement, or appropirate discount to be applied to a future purchase(s), or full refund.   

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